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Our Mission

The Compass Online is a US-registered 501(c)(3) 

educational non-profit organization devoted to promoting the understanding of different cultures, sustainable development, and global issues. We work to accomplish this goal by fostering creativity and individuality, and by providing educational resources to the international community to broaden people’s perspectives.


Our platform focuses on providing volunteer opportunities through our database, educational courses and modules, artistic opportunities, and outreach projects to better the quality of life for people around the world and broaden their perspectives about service and other lifestyles.

Our Values

  • Providing truthful, accurate, ethical, and insightful information

  • Synthesizing creativity

  • Engaging new perspectives, ideas, and civil discourse

  • Fostering communities of understanding between different groups of people

  • Encouraging community betterment and engagement

  • Promoting education

  • Presenting a call to action

Peruvian Dance


Our Team


Kate Wexell, United States

Lubna Khanam, India

Ayooluwa Ogunsola, Nigeria

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